About Us

Industry News Online (INO) is where you can find news that will put you ahead in your industry. INO provides you with shows that bring you up to date on the topics you deal with on a daily basis. It is a place for you to visit when you want to learn more about a particular industry.


The INO Platform uses the latests in event technologies to allow listeners to participate in the production of our interactive shows. During select live radio broadcasts we will allow listeners to be producers and access the production of the show. As a producer, you the listeners, can join the show through a website where you ask questions, vote on questions, and chat with other listeners online. All you need to be a producer is an internet connection, a web browser, and to respect other producers. This is a new way for radio to be interactive and brings radio closer to the listener.

Interactive Shows

The INO Platform currently offers Tipping the Scales of Justice (TSOJ) with Julianne Murray, Esq. and her Co-hosts Jeff McLane, Esq. and Eric Mooney. Together they answer questions about legal issues live over the air on WGMD 92.7, WUSX 98.5 and streamed on IndustryNewsOnline.com. As TSOJ grows, the show we will add panelist who will provide a broader experience in the law elevating the quality level of the dialogue and the answers provided to our listeners. The future of media is interactive and guided by the listener!