Industry News Online is now Interactive!

Future Events

Industry News Online has teamed up with partners that are defining the next generation of radio. In addition to taking phone calls Industry News Online will have a series of shows that are digitally interactive.  The shows will have multiple levels of participation.  To find out more see below.

  • Host – the conductor of the show or event
  • Reader – Read questions when panels are larger
  • Panelist – Participate in the show as guest that have a working knowledge of the show topic 
  • Producers – are participants that get to ask question, vote on questions, and chat during the show with other producer.

There more detail about joining as a Panelist or Producer at the bottom of the page.

Upcoming Events

Workplace Innovator PODCAST

Each Week Mike Petrusky brings an interesting interview to you. MIKE PETRUSKY Director of Events & Growth Marketing, iOFFICE Mike Petrusky is host of the...

Tipping the Scales of Justice

The Talk of Delmarva and Industry News Online will cover present live Tipping the Scales of Justice (TSOJ) Saturday the 18th of February. ...

Recent Events

Join Tipping the Scales of Justice as a Panelist.

Panelists can participate without coming to the studio. To be a remote panelist, you need to have a high quality setup.  Generally, this is a radio quality microphone, an audio interface (XLR to USB), in ear monitors (IEM), a high quality camera, lights and an authentic set.  Virtual backgrounds, green screens, or other artificial sets are not permitted.  As a panelist, you will need to join the show up an hour prior to start time for panel checks, show prep, and question review.

Join Tipping the Scales of Justice as a Producer.

Join as a Producer, ask questions, vote on questions, and chat with other producers about the show.  You, get to interact with the show by participating as a Producer.  All you need is internet access and a browser.  Click the “Register Here to be a Producer” button below to register. This is a two step process.  The first link, gets you into the system.  We will check several times a week to see who has registered and then you will receive a second link that will allow you at access the software.  When you first click the link, you will be please register with your cell phone.  This allow two factor authentication and gives us a way to communicate with you during the show.  We will not abuse your number.  We look forward to your participation!




Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Owners, Operators, and Occupants (AECOOO)

In this series of lessons using 3D and VR software, Hussam discusses how to set up models and walks through the various exercises to help you create 3D models for virtual realities.


Planning, designing, constructing, and operating facilities require massive amounts of data shared across numerous teams of people. After construction, the need to manage facility data can last for years.


The Talk of Delmarva and Industry News Online will cover live Tipping the Scales of Justice (TTSOJ) Saturday's from Noon to 2 pm ET. Julianne Murray, Esq. and Co-host Jeff McLane, Esq. answer your questions about the law. This show will utilize new technologies that allow the public to ask questions online, vote on questions from others, and chat with others. We call the listeners and viewers that join the show producers because they help produce the show by voting on questions.

The Asset & Facility Management Channel

Michael Bordenaro interviews key people in the Facility and Asset Management Industry to bring you interesting news and updates on the industy.

Block Chain

Michael Bordenaro interviews those leading the way in Blockchain in the AECOOO industry.


A channel dedicated to the education of Architects. Interviews with architectural professors and lessons for using software.

Asset Leadership Network

The ALN develops and shares information which enhances the practice of Asset Management and the knowledge and skills of individual Asset Managers.

Building Leaders

Michael Bordenaro interviews key architects, engineers, owners, operations, and occupants to bring you insightful information about the latest updates in the industry.

The Workplace Innovator

Mike Petrusky is host of the Workplace Innovator Podcast and Director of Events and Growth Marketing at iOFFICE. He joined iOFFICE in March of 2018 with a mission to energize the company’s live events. He is a dynamic speaker, podcaster, and seasoned marketer who has a passion for sharing iOFFICE’s unique brand of thought leadership to CRE & FM leaders in the digital workplace.



3D and Virtual Reality

Hussam's Lessons in 3D and Virtual REality

3DVR Ep. 58 Organic Shapes – Part 1

In Episode 58 Hussam discusses modeling organic shapes using Autodesk 3ds Max.آ  To ask Hussam questions or suggest topics for upcoming shows email him...

HLVR EP. 98 – Creating Architectural Assets Part 2

In Episode 98 of Hussam's Lessons in Virtual Reality, Hussam continues his lesson on building assets using Autodesk 3ds Max. To ask...

Courses from Architectural Schools

The Catholic University of America

Building Leaders Episode 14 – Patricia Andrasik

Episode 14 of BUILDING LEADERS airs live at 2:30 pm on the 11th of April with guest Patricia Andrasik an assistant professor and head of sustainability outreach at the School of Architecture and Planning at CUArch.

Building Leaders Episode 12 – Lavinia Fici Pasquina

Airing live at 11:30 am on the 11th of April will be Lavinia Fici Pasquina an Associate Professor at the School of Architecture and Planning at the Catholic University of America. Mike Bordenaro will interview her on two exciting new projects she is designing in Italy with her students.

The University of Tunis, Carthage

Stanley Hallet

UTC Architecture Catalogue Yr. 3 16.17 Ex2 Dougga

UTC Architecture Catalogue Yr. 3 16.17 Ex2 Dougga

UTC Architecture Catalogue Yr. 2 16 Ex2 Space

UTC Architecture Catalogue Yr. 2 16 Ex2 Space