The Last Angry DJ: Ep. 3 | State of Broadcast

This week Mitchell “K.C.” Hill and Alexander Knight fly solo and bring everyone up to date on some recent news in the broadcast industry. They talked about mass layoffs and consolidation in radio, how is radio surviving, how small stations are going to niche and go all-in on hyperlocal, how the economics of streaming services is not working, and much more.

The Last Angry DJ is a show that welcomes broadcast luminaries and young rising stars to engage in thought provoking conversations about the industry and tangential topics related to, not excluding the ever changing world of media production. From how the sausage gets made to shop talk and war (or horror) stories that we’ve experienced first hand. Join former WAMS and WFIL DJ Mitchell Hill (AKA “Bobby Dark”/“KC Hill”) and producer Alexander Knight with friends each week. And remember, we’re not really that angry.