The Talk of Delmarva and Industry News Online produce Tipping the Scales of Justice (TSOJ) Saturday’s from Noon to 2 pm ET. Julianne Murray, Esq. and Co-Hosts answer your questions about the law. This show utilizes new interactive technologies that allow the public to take part in the show. The show features guest producers who support the broadcast by asking and voting on questions in real time. To become a producer, watch the show, ask questions, vote on questions, and chat with other producers, click here and sign in with your phone number for two factor authentication. You may also ask questions online by


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Tipping the Scales of Justice Ep. 20231202

The Talk of Delmarva and Industry News Online produce Tipping the Scales of Justice (TSOJ) Saturday’s from Noon to 2 pm ET. Julianne Murray,...

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The Talk of Delmarva and Industry News Online produce Tipping the Scales of Justice (TSOJ) Saturday’s from Noon to 2 pm ET. Julianne Murray,...

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The Talk of Delmarva and Industry News Online produce Tipping the Scales of Justice (TSOJ) Saturday’s from Noon to 2 pm ET. Julianne Murray,...

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The Talk of Delmarva and Industry News Online produce Tipping the Scales of Justice (TSOJ) Saturday’s from Noon to 2 pm ET. Julianne Murray,...

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The Talk of Delmarva and Industry News Online produce Tipping the Scales of Justice (TSOJ) Saturday’s from Noon to 2 pm ET. Julianne Murray,...

Interactive Radio

Tipping the Scales of Justice offers a new interactive way to take part in radio.  The show consist of a Host, Co-Host, Panelists, Producers and you!  Questions can be asked ahead of time, online, using the form below.  Producers watch the show, and vote on the questions that will be addressed by the lawyers. Fill out the Producer form below and we will be in touch with more details.

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Register, ask questions, watch, and vote on questions using the
QR Code or Link below.

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Register using the QR Code or typing the Link under the QR Code into a browser. After you have completed registration click the blue button.




Using “Sign in with phone” (your mobile phone number) is the easiest way to sign in.


The best way to ask a question is to be a Tipping the Scales of Justice “Producer”. if your aren’t ready to be a producer, click the link above to ask a digital question.

Being a producer allows you participate in a new form of interactive radio. Producers get to watch the show, ask questions, see the upcoming questions, and vote them up or down before the questions are sent to the host. This helps the host and panelist know which questions are most important to you. As a producer, you are not seen or heard on air but you help determine the direction of the show. You also have the ability to meet and chat with other producers. This is a new form of interactive radio.

Becoming a producer is easy.  


Panelist are experts in a particular industry or speciality of an industry.  Panelist are by invitation only.  Panelist do not have to be on location, however, if remote from studio, they should have a professional camera (not a webcam), professional radio mic, a nice set (no virtual sets) and lighting.  Panelist join the show an hour early for mic checks, framing and show prep. 


Readers participate in the show by being on camera with the hosts and panelist but read the questions for the hosts.  Allowing the host to read ahead and prep answers for future questions.  Readers are also trained to take over as a host should there be a technical difficulty.  While being a reader is a step in the process to becoming hosts, it doesn’t mean you will eventually a hosts.  Readers are usually on site to have access to comms.


Hosts must have experience in the industry the show is covering.  For instance, a host for Tipping the Scales of Justice should be qualified by having a license to practice law in the State of Delaware or Maryland.  Hosts generally are in the studio for better production where professional microphones, cameras, lighting, comms, and a set are available.  

About The Hosts

Julianne Murray, Esq.

Before practicing law, Julianne E. Murray worked for 20 years in a law firm environment, equally split between technical paralegal work and law firm management. Julie continued to work as a law firm Administrator while attending law school until her final year of law school where she served as a judicial extern to Justice Henry DuPont Ridgely of the Delaware Supreme Court. Admitted to practice law in Delaware in 2011, Julie opened Murray Law LLC in early 2012 because she had a vision of a law practice that was based on constitutional principles and marked by personal service and a common sense approach. She introduced herself and her practice by doing a daily call-in on a local radio show. For eighteen months, she used the call-in time as an educational segment that focused on various aspects of the law and conducted many "schools" on topics such as the U.S. Constitution, the Delaware Courts, real estate, landlord/tenant law, traffic offenses and estate planning. In January 2015, she and Ron Phillips formed MurrayPhillips P.A. The partnership turned out to be beneficial for clients because Julie and Ron discovered that in addition to being partners in business that they really like working together and often collaborate on criminal defense cases because each brings different strengths to a particular case.  In September 2017, Julie and Ron welcomed Tom Gay as a partner, forming the Law Offices of Murray, Phillips & Gay.  Julie's current practice is principally concentrated in estate planning and administration. Julie's down-to-earth approach to the practice of law is appreciated by her clients and she prides herself on being candid, approachable, and easy to work with.  Julie takes the responsibility of being an attorney very seriously and zealously represents her client's rights. Julie has argued before the Delaware Supreme Court three times in four years and loves the challenges of appellate practice. Julie and her husband Patrick moved to Delaware in 2003 from Anne Arundel County, Maryland. They are both pet lovers and avid baseball fans.

Jeff McLane, Esq.

Jeff McLane is a a sole practitioner focusing on criminal defense work. He is a graduate of the Salesianum School for Boys, the University of Delaware, the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center (with honors) and the Delaware Law School. While in college, Jeff enlisted in the Army Reserves as a voice intercept technician specializing in Slavic languages. He got his start in radio in the 1980s as a guest on a Voice of America related program broadcasting to the Warsaw Pact during the time of the Solidarity movement demonstrations. Jeff received an appointment as a special agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) while in his final semester in law school; he reported to the FBI Academy in Quantico approximately one month after graduation. He served in the Buffalo, Newark and San Francisco field offices and was promoted to supervisory special agent and acting unit chief in the International Terrorism Operations Section at FBIHQ. In the field, Jeff primarily worked organized crime and drug cases but also gained experience in public corruption and national security matters. Judge William Sessions recognized Jeff's exceptional service in contributing to solving and prosecuting several cold case homicides committed by the Buffalo La Cosa Nostra family. He also participated in an undercover operation targeting several Buffalo police officers who were dealing crack cocaine. The Buffalo police commissioner presented a department award to Jeff upon his transfer to the Newark Division. In Newark, Jeff continued to work organized crime up to September 11, 2001. Judge Sessions and Judge Louis Freeh presented numerous awards for investigative excellence to Jeff related to resolving the murders of Jimmy Angelino in 1988 and Jimmy Randazzo in 1993 during the Colombo Family War.  Jeff received other director awards for cases on Chinese organized crime investigations as well as Russian organized crime matters, including the Russian Taxi Kings undercover operation, an investigation that ultimately led to a conviction in former Trump attorney Michael Cohen's prosecution. Jeff participated in numerous interviews, search warrants and recovery efforts in the wake of the September 11 attacks. Shortly after these investigative actions, Jeff was transferred to Washington and became team leader of the United Flight 93 investigation. During his time at FBIHQ, Jeff led numerous terrorism matters that utilized sophisticated techniques. Toward the end of his career, Jeff received separate awards from the FBI director and the Director of National Intelligence for a case that resulted in the capture of an admitted Al-Qaeda associate. Jeff moved to Sussex County with his family after retirement and was admitted to the Delaware Bar at age 54. He has worked at the Office of Defense Services, at the Delaware Department of Justice, for private law firms and as a sole practitioner. Jeff has extensive civil and criminal litigation experience in the Family Court, the Court of Common Pleas, the Chancery Court and the Superior Court. He has tried class A felony cases both as a prosecutor and as a defense attorney. Jeff and his wife, Carolyn, are the proud parents of two adult children who graduated from Elon University and the University of Delaware, respectively.

About Industry News Online

Industry News Online has teamed up with partners that are defining the next generation of radio. In addition to taking phone calls Industry News Online will have a series of shows that are digitally interactive.  The shows will have multiple levels of participation.  Here are some of the ways to participate in Tipping the Scales of Justice:

  • Producers – are participants that get to ask questions, vote on questions, and chat during the show with other producer.
  • Panelist – Participate in the show as guest that have a working knowledge of the show topic 
  • Reader – Read questions when panels are larger
  • Host – the conductor of the show or event


If you call Tipping The Scales Of Justice and ask a question, you are NOT establishing an attorney/client relationship. This show is designed to be a public service where general legal questions can be answered. You may be asked specific questions so that the attorneys can better answer your question, but that does not mean they have become your attorney. Please be mindful that we are trying to get to as many callers as possible, so please limit yourself to one question per call. If the attorneys don't know an answer - they aren't going to fake their way through it. The attorneys are going to tell you if they are unsure, and then they are going to find the answer. As professionals, they have reference materials available but might have to find the answers off air and then provide the information later in the show. If you hear us say that we should talk off air - take the hint that there is something either too specific or too juicy to tie up the airwaves. They will get your contact information off air and follow up at a later date.

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