Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Owners, Operators, and Occupants (AECOOO)

3DVR for Architects and Artists





In this series of lessons using 3D and VR software, Hussam discusses how to set up models and walks through the various exercises to help you create 3D models for virtual realities.

Asset Leadership Network





The ALN develops and shares information which enhances the practice of Asset Management and the knowledge and skills of individual Asset Managers.






Planning, designing, constructing, and operating facilities require massive amounts of data shared across numerous teams of people. After construction, the need to manage facility data can last for years.

Block Chain







Michael Bordenaro interviews those leading the way in Blockchain in the AECOOO industry.

Building Leaders






Michael Bordenaro interviews key architects, engineers, owners, operations, and occupants to bring you insightful information about the latest updates in the industry.







Bill Thumm of Hensel Phelps provides insightful solutions to issues in the AECOOO industry. Bill will cover wall sections to door hardware to help you design better buildings.

The Asset & Facility Management Channel





Michael Bordenaro interviews key people in the Facility and Asset Management Industry to bring you interesting news and updates on the industy.

The Workplace Innovator

Mike Petrusky is host of the Workplace Innovator Podcast and Director of Events and Growth Marketing at iOFFICE. He joined iOFFICE in March of 2018 with a mission to energize the company’s live events. He is a dynamic speaker, podcaster, and seasoned marketer who has a passion for sharing iOFFICE’s unique brand of thought leadership to CRE & FM leaders in the digital workplace.



The University of Tunis, Carthidge





Professor Stanley Hallet, Former Dean of the School of Architecture and Planning at the Catholic University of American shows the student work of his studios in Tunisia.