FAM Episode 1 – Asset Management and High Performance ISO 55000

In Episode 1 of Facility and Asset Management, Michael Bordenaro discusses a white paper written by Jack Kelly and Michael Hardy on ISO 55000. The title of the white paper co-authored by Jack and Michael is “A Road Map to High Performance: ISO 55000 and a Management Systems Approach to Asset Management”.

To ask Michael Bordenaro a question email him at mbordenaro@cs.com.HOST:

Michael is the Communications Director for the Asset Leadership Network and a Host of ARCH-i-TECH.TV. Prior to joining the Asset Leadership Network and ARCH-i-TECH.TV Micheal worked in the US and Asia as a journalist writing about technology in the A/E/C industry.


Jack Kelly is the Federal Program Director of the Asset Leadership Network

Michael Hardy is the Government Solutions Director for 4tell Solutions™ and a Senior Fellow for State and Local Governments at the Asset Leadership Network