ALN Th @4 Ep. 05/20/21

This week’s ALN Th@4 on May 20th will feature a chat with Jennifer and Tacoma Zach, co-founders of Uberlytics and MentorAMP, conducted by Mike Bordenaro, ALN Director, Communications.

Jennifer and Tacoma Zach have been long-time supporters of all elements of the ALN, as demonstrated by this photo of them at their Representative’s office on Capitol Hill during a legislator outreach, when those where possible. Jennifer is an ALN Board Member. Tacoma is an ALN Senior Fellow. They are both involved in the ALN Water & Wastewater Asset Leadership Board. Their company, Uberlytics creates and supports risk-based management programs. It’s sister company, MentorAPM, is a cloud-based Asset Management Performance software that extends uptime and delivers on digitization for companies that want to improve mission success. Both companies are ALN Organizational Members. We promise a dynamic discussion for this week’sALN Th@4 pm ET. Register at this link.