Block Chain Episode 1

In the first episode of Block Chains, Michael Bordenaro interviews Joe Manganelli on the basics of Block Chain technologies. This is the first in a series of episodes where Mike interviews Joe on the subject of Block Chain technology.

The Block Chain series will focus on interviews with people in the A/E/C and other industries that can shed light on how Block Chains will affect the lives of the AECOOO* Community.

*AECOOO – Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Owners, Operators and Occupants

About the guest

Joe Manganelli is the founder of xplr design, llc, a human factors consultancy. He is an architect, Innovation Catalyst, human factors consultant, and sustainability consultant with Fluor Enterprises, Inc. in its Life Sciences and Advanced Manufacturing (LSA&M) division. Manganelli teaches courses on information architecture and user experience research for Kent State University’s School of Information.

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