Building Leaders Ep. 21 Commercial Sustainability with Simpson Properties

Episode 21 Commercial Sustainability was recorded on the 9th of October, 2020 in the studios of Giuliani Digital. In this episode of Building Leaders, Mike Bordenaro interviews Donald Simpson, President of Simpson Properties, Harry Thompson of Metropolitan Facilities Solutions, and Mark Giuliani of Giuliani Associates – Architecture | Engineering | Technology.

During the episode Mike will discuss with each guest their vision of the renovation of the fourth floor of 333 N. Fairfax Street in Alexandria, VA. Donald represent the developer, Harry represents the energy consultant, and Mark the tenant.

During the show, you will see and hear about the process and technology used to increase energy savings bringing a safer and more comfortable space to the tenant with lower energy costs and a higher ROI for the developer.

We hope you enjoy this show and we will have more episodes in the future with Donald Simpson a true Building Leader in Alexandria, VA.

Note about this production. This goal of this episode of Building Leaders is educate members of the following industries: property development; architecture; engineering; construction; and tenants about sustainability and importance of clean fresh air in buildings. This production is not intended to be an advertisement for any of the family of Simpson companies. Mark Giuliani is the Owner of Giuliani Associates, Giuliani Digital, and which produced this show and leases space from the Simpson family of companies.