Ep. 106: The Intelligent Facility Management Transition – How FMs Start Smartly in New Roles with Tyrel Melville, FMP with Scotiabank

Tyrel Melville, FMP is the Senior Regional Manager, Real Estate & Facilities for Scotiabank and an Adjunct Lecturer for UWI – ROYTEC’s suite of Real Estate courses. In March 2020, Mike Petrusky hosted a live webinar broadcast called “The Intelligent Facility Management Transition – How FMs Start Smartly in New Roles” where Tyrel Melville talked about why job transitions matter to facility managers in 2020, what are the top 5 challenges FMs will face when entering into new roles, and he shared advice from FMs on facing workplace transition challenges. Tyrel delivered this presentation during IFMA’s World Workplace 2019 in Phoenix, AZ and he offers his top findings from a survey completed by more than 460 FM professionals about the challenges of transitioning to a new role, including the transfer of knowledge from a predecessor, dealing with team dynamics, plus client and stakeholder management.

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