Ep. 117: Returning to the Office versus Remote Working (Pros & Cons) with Steve Todd of Nasdaq & Open Sourced Workplace

Steve Todd is AVP, Global Head of Workplace at Nasdaq and Founder of Open Sourced Workplace where Mike Petrusky chats with him every morning on “OSW Daily”, a YouTube and Facebook livestream. Mike and Steve share recent articles related to return to office planning and protocols, wellness, facing our fears, and the future of remote working. They explore both the benefits and downside of shifting views on remote work and debate about the fact that while increased flexibility is a positive, many organizations may strictly measure the value of an employee based on productivity and output. Steve and Mike agree that recognizing some of the things that employees are missing during this pandemic period is an essential first step for empathetic workplace leaders who want to create new ways of connecting with and supporting their workforce.

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