Ep. 125: The Process of Design Thinking to Ideate During a Pandemic with Susan Pelczynski of Zynsights Consulting & Nicole Thomas of Steelcase

Susan Pelczynski is Founder and Principal at Zynsights Consulting where she focuses on workplace strategies and design sprints to uncover insights about user experience through “A Day in the Life” or “Deep Dive” or Design Accelerator sessions. Nicole Thomas is a Senior Real Estate Consultant at Steelcase where she helps brokers and project managers connect their clients with workplace research and the right furniture solution while also connecting client’s LinkedIn profiles to their brand. Susan and Nicole joined Mike Petrusky and his co-host Madison Dujka on a recent “Workplace Innovator Interactive Livestream” to discuss the process of design thinking to ideate during the COVID pandemic. This highlight episode offers valuable insights delivered during our weekly live broadcast happening every Wednesday at Noon ET.

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