Ep. 189: Workplace Tech Market Trends and Industry Consolidation with Susan Clarke of Verdantix & Erik Zink of iOFFICE + SpaceIQ

Susan Clarke is Research Director – Smart Buildings at Verdantix and Erik Zink is Head of Corporate Strategy at iOFFICE + SpaceIQ. In November 2021, Mike Petrusky hosted a live broadcast “Workplace Tech Market Trends: Is there an upside to industry consolidation?” to have a discussion about how buyer behavior is changing in light of merger and acquisition growth in the marketplace. The pace of change in workplace technology is accelerating amid new expectations for working and rapid industry shifts. Amid these trends, buyers are reevaluating their approach to software buying decisions. Susan and Erik explored how M&A trends are shaping the workplace tech industry and the value of broader product portfolios and strategic partnerships for buyers today. Check out these audio highlights from a fascinating hour-long conversation and then download and watch the full 1-hour video!

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