Ep. 251: “Dare to Be Naive” – Innovation, Adaptability and Intentionality in the Future of Work with Author Joshua Berry of Econic

Joshua Berry is the Co-founder and Managing Director of Econic, an innovation, transformation, and strategy consulting company and the author of “Dare to Be Naive: Unleash Ripples of Impact in Life and Business”. Mike Petrusky asks Joshua about the world of work and the workplace while exploring how leaders can take informed, impactful action to be a force for good in light of rapidly changing workforce and consumer expectations. They discuss the paradoxes of the workplace and offer practical advice for facility management and corporate real estate professionals as they navigate the future of work. Mike and Joshua agree that creating an environment where our teams can thrive requires a holistic understanding the physical workplace, organizational policies and our beliefs about human behavior. Check out this conversation to learn more about how you can be a workplace innovator in your organization!

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