Ep. 257: “The Heart of Everything We Do” – Balancing Flexibility and Personal Accountability in the Workplace with Craig Wiseman of Salesforce Tower Sydney

Craig Wiseman is Senior Program Manager for Salesforce Sydney Tower where he is passionate about wellness, sustainability, corporate social responsibility and smooth project to operational transition. Mike Petrusky asks Craig about his experiences on this remarkable project, his career journey, and his perspectives about the future of work and the workplace. Craig shares his views on the role of offices and the confusion between collaboration and interaction as marked by society’s current focus on individuality instead of teamwork. While Mike and Craig agree about the value of flexibility and choice when scheduling where we work, they also see concerns about a potentially unhealthy loss of personal accountability in some organizations. They discuss the need to balance the two while emphasizing the role of leadership, equality and social agreements if we are to have success both as individuals and members of a team. Check out this episode for a challenging discussion that will encourage you to be a workplace innovator in your organization!

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