Ep. 277: “The State of Organizations 2023” – Reinventing the Workplace and the Significant Role of Facility Managers with Dr. Patrick Simon of McKinsey & Company

Dr. Patrick Simon is Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company where he is focused on recent organizational transformations made by companies including the importance of human-centered leadership and the disconnect between what employers think their employees want and what they actually want. Mike Petrusky asks Patrick to discuss McKinsey’s global report on “The State of Organizations 2023”, which outlines the greatest challenges that impact an organizations’ ability to attract and retain talent, work efficiently, and achieve growth and other performance goals. They explore key findings in the report about hybrid working models, advancing our capabilities, and how leaders need to be self-aware, inspiring, and communicative with their people. Mike and Patrick agree that the role of facility managers will be significant in shaping the future of work and they offer ideas for reinventing the workplace as they seek to inspire you to be a Workplace Innovator in your organization!

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