Ep. 286: “Go Above and Beyond” – Balancing the Work-Life Equation in 2024 with Vik Bangia, MCR of Verum Consulting

Vik Bangia, MCR is CEO of Verum Consulting where he is a Corporate Real Estate & Facilities Management Outsourcing Advisor and advocate for the employee-centric workplace. Mike Petrusky asks Vik how to create more employee-centric, role-specific hybrid models that replace unpopular one-size-fits-all return-to-office mandates. They explore a holistic view of work and the workplace and agree that work-life balance is not a seesaw but rather an integration of different aspects of one’s life, including our work. Vik believes that the balance of power is shifting with employees now having a say in how much time they need to spend in the office to get their work done and he shares data showing that employee engagement increases when work policies are determined collaboratively, rather than being mandated. Mike and Vik offer practical advice to help you create a bespoke, customized experience for your employees as they seek to inspire you to be a Workplace Innovator in 2024!

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