Ep. 312: “Find Your Grit” – A Holistic View of Human Productivity and the Built Environment with Oren Gershon of O M G Consultancy

Oren Gershon is Managing Director at O M G Consultancy where he is passionate about simplifying the world of property and procurement. Mike Petrusky asks Oren about his journey in facility management and they explore the challenges of stepping outside of your comfort zone to find your grit and push for professional growth. Oren cautions us to be skeptical about workplace trends, but instead encourages us to focus on productivity as human beings in the context of life as a whole. Facility management professionals will play a crucial role in shaping the built environment, so Mike and Oren believe that we must be proactive in creating healthy and productive workplaces. Tune in as they offer you the encouragement and inspiration you will need to be a Workplace Innovator!

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