Ep. 76: Corporate Moves, Change Management and Creating Great Workplace Experiences with Javier Maldonado of VF Corporation

Javier Maldonado, MBA, CFM, RPA® is Director of Corporate Facilities at VF Corporation, the home of brands like JanSport and The North Face, where he has a passion for creating exceptional workplace experiences for the occupants of his facilities. During this conversation from 2018, Mike Petrusky asked Javier to share stories about how the company encourages employees to “live your brand” and they offered inspiration around the importance of employee engagement. Javier discussed his FM background and how a collaborative approach with other departments impacts the company’s workplace culture. Mike and Javier talked about change in the workplace and how a positive and flexible attitude can help us be successful as we lead our organizations into the future. The episode also features a new update about VF Corporation’s campus move from Alameda, CA to Denver, CO and Mike brings us up to date after a recent conversation with Javier!

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