reStructuring America – The Future of Assets

The Future of Assets
A Keynote by Jim Dieter on the meaning of “Asset Leadership”, an overview of events, a presentation on the ALN
National Asset Leadership Strategy 2020 and a panel on the Future of Assets will kick off the series of web events.
Speakers include: Jim Dieter, ALN CEO; Jack Kelly, ALN Senior Fellow, formerly with OMB for 36 years; Jennifer Zach, ALN
Board Member, Uberlytics, CMO; Moshe Nelson, ALN Senior Fellow, Grant Thornton, Principal and Asset Management
Lead; Thomas Smith, MS, Faculty Emeritus, University of Wisconsin, Madison, School of Engineering; Tony McGrail,
Solutions Director: Asset Management and Monitoring Technology; Jonathon Schneider, Manager, Grant Thornton;
Spence Boyer, Public Sector Associate, Operations Transformation, Grant Thornton Public Sector