Ep. 255: Human-Centered Change Management, Communication and Workplace Experience Strategies with Leonie M. Hicks of Unispace

Leonie M. Hicks is a Workplace Strategy & Change Consultant at Unispace where she is passionate about delivering human-centered change management, design and workplace experience strategies. Recorded in Melbourne, Australia, Mike Petrusky asks Leonie about her corporate real estate journey and the ways she helps organizations with innovative change and engagement strategies that bring out the best in their people. They explore the challenges faced by facility management and workplace leaders as they try to balance the needs of the workforce with required business outcomes and offer a strategy to co-create workplace guidelines with end users. Mike and Leonie discover they have a shared interest in science fiction, stoic philosophy and pop diva music that serves as inspiration while they deliver practical advice that will help you to be a workplace innovator in your organization!

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