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The Talk of Delmarva and Industry News Online produce Tipping the Scales of Justice (TSOJ) Saturday’s from Noon to 2 pm ET. Julianne Murray, Esq. and Co-Hosts answer your questions about the law. This show utilizes new interactive technologies that allow the public to take part in the show. The show features guest producers who support the broadcast by asking and voting on questions in real time. To become a producer, watch the show, ask questions, vote on questions, and chat with other producers, click here and sign in with your phone number for two factor authentication. You may also ask questions online by https://industrynewsonline.com/ttsoj.

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The Talk of Delmarva reserves the right to select questions for airing. Questions posted on the platform are public and subject to voters using the producer platform. Treat the platform as if you're on air; avoid asking questions you don't want public. Questions are screened; inappropriate or lengthy ones won't reach the host but may be visible by the public. Messages that are not questions for the show will be deleted before reaching the host and may be seen by those using the interactive platform. In other words, the host won't see your message or question until it has been approved and subject to the voters.  For private matters, use alternative communication channels.

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Tipping the Scales of Justice Ep. 20240518

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Tipping the Scales of Justice Ep. 20240504

Vimeo Card for Tipping the Scales of Justice Murray 20231216

Tipping the Scales of Justice Ep. 20240427

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